Waverley Lodge 4723


Our lineage can be traced back to Guildford when Royal Alfred Lodge No. 777 sponsored St. Andrews Lodge No. 1046 to open in Farnham. Waverley Lodge is the daughter Lodge of St. Andrews and were consecrated in September 1925 when membership of St. Andrews was so large that progressing to the chair would take longer than the average person’s lifetime.

We meet at what was the stable block of Farnham Castle and was also used as a barrack block for Cromwell’s soldiers. Some of our more senior members can recall coming to the building as children, carpentry classes upstairs for the boys and cookery classes downstairs for the girls.

Waverley Lodge meet in Farnham on the 2nd Monday of October, November, December, February, March and April. Our meetings usually start between 1730 and 1800 hours.

We are a dining Lodge and dine after our meetings at the Masonic Centre.

We have currently 30 members with an average age of 60 so we have some youngish members but would welcome some more young men to join us.

Our membership is very mixed with a very wide range of hobbies and professional backgrounds, IT, Transport, Construction, Commerce and the Armed Forces to name but a few. Many play golf with the St. Andrew’s Golfing Society, "STAGS".

Waverley Lodge is very strong on charity and through our Benevolent Association we support many local charities as well as Masonic charities. We recently achieved our Gold award for the Provincial 2019 Festival in support of the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution.

We try and hold one major social event every year. Typically, we had the Farnham Rock Choir come along to sing for us and a great night was had by all and the evening raised a large sum of money for the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice.

Many of our members are also actively involved, such as helping to open up the Masonic Centre for the annual Farnham Heritage Day, helping to run the Masonic Centre and are also involved in the Surrey Provincial Grand Lodge.

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If you would like to read more about Freemasonry and Waverley Lodge, you can download or print our booklets here:


Waverley Lodge is proud to have their own “in house” Mentorship scheme as well as those officially provided by Surrey Province and UGLE.

These “booklets” have been created to aid the newer Mason and are designed to back up what he is being shown at Lodge meetings.

Designed to be fun, they are written simply and are given out when the next stage has been reached. They are designed to explain what has happened and what meanings are found behind what you have done “in Lodge”. We are proud to support each of our members as individuals and it’s important to all of us at the Lodge that you enjoy being a member and that you feel free to join in! Personal Mentorship at Waverley is actively encouraged at all levels. We pride ourselves on supporting the newer members and older members are more than happy to sit down and discuss any questions raised.

If you feel you might be interested in joining Waverley Lodge and would like to talk to someone in person, or if you are a Freemason and would like to attend one of our Lodge meetings as a visitor, please contact us:

Tel:07762 496490
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